Saturday, February 20, 2010

No women's hockey in the Olympics?

I read somewhere that they considered excluding women's hockey from the next Olympics, because some teams are so much better than the others. Meaning, there's no real competition taking place. To me, that makes no sense. Not when "sports" like curling and fucking BOB-SLEIGH are included in the Olympics. I don't watch women's hockey, but I would definitely watch that over bob-sleigh. They call it a sport, when it's clearly just four retards in some form of aerodynamic metal condom, trying desperately not to die. And the team that came closest to dying, without actually doing so, wins. You know what? Forget what I said. You can scrap women's hockey in the next Olympics, but only if you replace it with Russian Roulette.

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kristeltõnisson said...

Boblseigh as a sport will never be the same for me again