Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My favourite pictures from 2008.

Look, I'm all for christmas, but let's face it, it tends to get a bit fucking boring around 8 PM. Hence, I'm going to post my favourite pictures from this year. 2008 was basically the year I started carrying disposable cameras wherever I went, and it turned out to be a fucking great idea. Not only did I record a lot of fun things, but I got a lot of magazine attention from it as well, certainly more than before.

Naturally, there's a lot of film and its hard picking X favourites. I feel like I've been doing too much shit to post less than 30(plus the two intro ones above). Hence, I'm sorry but this is going to be the longest post ever. I fully understand if you already feel like tuning out. Now, these probably aren't the "best" pictures, they're simply my favourites. Alright, enough with the intro. These are my favourite pictures from 2008:

Me and Linus went to Coachella music festival outside L.A. Our tent was, without a doubt, the smallest thing on that campsite. Including bugs and shit.

These are my two London-roomies, Nat and Ghaz. I'm pretty sure Ghaz is a lesbian. Or a vegetarian. Semantics.

This picture pretty much defines the United States of America to me. Fat people with cowboy-hats. Just imagine the water being cheese, and it's dead on.

This might have been one of the cutest NY-girls I've seen all year. She was like a mix of black, white, Kleopatra, God, ice-cream, sports, video-games, and a wet dream.

This one is essential. Meredith looks awesome, and she lives on a boat. Her room is under water. My room officially sucks.

This is a snapshot from my first Nylon shoot. The crew seemed a bit uncomfortable at first with the skinny 21-year old photographer, but they got used to it. I hope.

In San Francisco, Sara had just flooded the toilet and gotten pee on her hands. She wanted to share the wealth with Fanny. Fanny thought that was pretty much the worst idea ever.

Me, Linus and Jakob shared one bed at a shady motel in L.A. The toilet worked to a moderate extent. Also, there was only one thing on TV; porn. So we just took turns leaving the room.

We met some random Swedish girls in New York. I had a lot in common with them, actually. The main thing being that none of us looked Swedish.

This is around 5 am on my birthday, Lin rocking out in our living room.

This was when I shot Jandra this summer in London. She was great. She is what would happen if the Queen of Narnia and Arwen from Lord of the Rings ever got down, and decided to create some sort of super-elf. Which would totally be my favourite animal, by the way.

On one of our many road-trips, we decided to stop at Madonna Inn, where some sort of cult had a dance contest. Linus wanted to try the steps, and this extremely horny woman didn't mind showing them to him. Cruel intentions are the best.

This is right before Barack got elected president. Now, I lived between Bed-stuy and Clinton Hill, where the election of a black president was very much appreciated. If you live in San Francisco, it would be the equivalent of Elton John getting married. To George Michael.

Good old Holltron. The cupcake-slut version, a personal favourite.

We drank whiskey, slept for 3 hours and then had a shoot in Soho. Hence, this is pretty much what we were doing when we should have been doing our job. This was also the shoot where I thoroughly explained to everyone in my team that my lighting-director Michael, actually didn't respond to any names, except "Highlander".

This is Linus and Anna in Florida, a couple of days before we drove through the Port of Miami, while listening to Rick Ross. I've never seen Jakob that happy. He peaked right there.

Masha just looks awesome in this one, I couldn't help myself. Plus, she's wearing the shirt that me and Linus made.

This is not what it looks like. I kinda wish it was. Actually, I bet he's the one who kinda wishes it was.

While completing a road-trip to Key West, there are a number of things you should stay away from, while being intoxicated. All of those things are magic markers.

We went and hung out at Max's house in Santa Barbara. This is the view from his porch.

This picture was taken right before one of the weirdest week-ends of my life started. Unfortunately, I was out of film after this. Say want you want about Coachella, but it's never dull. Also, I've never seen anyone have a less platonic relationship with a hot-dog. Thank you, Sanna.

Snapshot from my cousin's awesome wedding. I can't decide what I loved most. The food and wine, or the fact that I was hanging out with people who love "Common People" as much as I do.

If you don't want someone to tattoo the word "kill" on your body, don't be a dog in Berlin.

For those of you who didn't know, this is Charles the bear. If you collaborate with him and still fail to get lucky with the ladies, you're pretty much a lost cause, and should buy World of Warcraft as soon as possible.

2008 was the year I discovered that this is the only way to eat ice-cream.

Have you ever had one of those days when you don't know what to do? Me and Linus had one of those days in London. So we bought a bear costume from China. Who needs a TV.

Speed-drinking yoghurt is a good amount of semi-controlled fun.

The man with an electric wheel-chair and a huge inflatable cock. In no way would that make a worse cartoon than Sponge-Bob Squarepants.

This was when we rowed out and jumped off cliffs in Sweden this summer.

This was during a punk concert on a boat in New York. It was great fun. It actually felt like a genuine concert, as opposed to seeing a smelly french guy with wayfarers, playing a 20 minute marathon-version of D.A.N.C.E. Also, the guy next to me smelled like a nuclear disaster. But at least he couldn't sing.

Anyways, I guess that's it. I still have two more rolls of film to develop from 2008, but I guess I'll have to include them in the 2009 issue. After having looked through all the rolls from Paris, London, Berlin, Sweden, New York, Florida, California etc, I've condluded that this was a truly awesome year. I'd even venture to say it might have been the best one so far. With an emphasis on "so far".

If you want to see my complete snapshot-series from 2008, just go to my website:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I just got an email with some snapshots that Sasha took of me and my ex-roomies. I don't even remember them being taken. Way to be stealth, Sash. I miss that place. Myself, I'll be posting what might be the last batch of disposable camera-pictures around new years. New year, new methods, I guess. Plus, I'm bored with the disposable cameras. Anyways, here are Sasha's pics of our quirky activities:

Here's a tip if you're going to bike around Brooklyn: "Don't randomly fall in the middle of the street for no reason." This is the aftermath of me not being able to fully grasp that concept.

Mike D and Lin


Mike D at Aaron's art show

Just seconds before I was face-painted into the most non-intimidating Tiger ever.

Aaron and Darcy.

Pics: Sasha Maslov

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Forgot something?

Apparently, Sweden is the third largest exporter of music in the world. Considering the fact that New York city has more people than our country, I'd say that's pretty impressive. Among the popular bands listed under the fact stated above, were: ABBA, Ace of Base, The Hives, The Cardigans, In Flames, Robyn, Roxette, The Hellacopters, Millencollin etc etc. How they could have skipped the band on display further down, is beyond me, since they should obviously be at the top of the list. ABBA is gay. So is that stupid movie-musical. Actually, that's an exaggeration. It's fine if you've seen the ABBA-movie. Just know that I'm counting on you to be over 40 years old, high on life, or at least somewhat retarded. I mean, it's the same fucking songs you've heard over and over. The only difference is that now Pierce Brosnan is singing them. The fact that James Bond 007 is now singing Mamma Mia, while performing "jazz-hands", makes me want to vomit. Over and over and over again.

Anyways, sit back and enjoy the best thing to come out of Sweden since peace, blonde hairdye, IKEA, Dolph Lundgren, and a general aptitude for being more talented than french people(every single one of them was offended by that, no doubt):

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Alice and the Cheshire cat.

I just came across this on my friend's website. He's a Brooklyn artist who did my latest tattoos. This is my Alice vs the Cheshire cat tattoo right after it was done:

He's awesome, you should check his website out:

Mr Metro

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Man - Machine.

Alright, so this sweat-shirt from Mishka NYC might be my favourite thing ever.

kraftwerk - we are the robots

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dubai, Berlin, Magazines and Remixes.

Two remixes from Cut Copy's EP "Far Away" need to be posted. They're both good, and listed below. Two more things. I have pictures in a fucking amazing magazine that's coming out soon, but I can't tell you more before I actually get the issue and can see which pages I have. Also, I've finally booked my ticket and will be going to Dubai in January, 2 days after I get home from Berlin. I told you 2009 had potential.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

ahh the frenchies

This needs to be posted. It reminds me of one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies:

Let's move on. This is arguably the best song ever about blowjobs(courtesy of the notorious monsieur Gainsbourg and mademoiselle France Gall):

I have a huge crush on young France Gall. Hence, I'll post this one too, even though she looks shitty. I'm doing this out of spite for you crackheads out there who actually like Kate Ryan's shitty cover. Kate Ryan is fucking gross. As is Ibiza.

// R

ps This is my biggest crush at the moment. Meaning her, not the song:

I can't keep living a lie. I love both her and the song.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stop fucking discriminating.

I hate when people discriminate. I wouldn't say I suffered too much from it when I was a kid, since my friends always stuck up for me, but it always bothered me. Some people never seem to be able to get rid of that discrimination. They have been persecuted, spat on, disrespected and humiliated from the very beginning. This social injustice makes it so much harder for them to get jobs, friends and spouses. And none of them deserve it either. It really fucking pisses me off, in fact. I have to take a stand, I have to say something. In a time where a black president gets elected as a statement against discrimination, I would like to invite you to do something to help these people as well. Most of you should already know what people I'm talking about. People who play miniature-golf.

The history of miniature golf is relatively uncomplicated. It was supposed to be golf for women. This fact alone testifies to the fact that the sport was against discrimination of women. Naturally, they couldn't play regular golf, since that requires a penis complex. And so, miniature golf was born, and it's refined playfulness worked wonders as a cute little degrading compromise to the real sport. From the very beginning, the elders agreed on the fact that the sport had to be very diverse. Hence, according to wikipedia, the term "miniature golf" can also be switched for: mini-golf, midget golf, goofy golf, shorties, extreme golf, crazy golf, adventure golf, mini-putt and so on. My favourite is midget-golf, since midgets are clearly awesome.

Apparently, the Swedish Minigolf Federation (Svenska Bangolfförbundet) was founded in 1937, being the oldest minigolf sport organization in the world. This was not an accomplishment in oh so many ways. They formed this union in post-war times, when I imagine the interest in playing miniature golf as being rather low. Also, they apparently managed to convince someone that miniature golf is actually a sport.

If you think about it, miniature golf is pretty much the unrecognized essence of awesomeness. It's not demanding in any way, the props are cute, anyone can do it, and let's face it, you look cool doing it. Especially if you're one of those guys who squats down to see which angles are the best and which is the best way to go about eliminating all male pride by using that fiendishly small stick to get a pink rubber ball into the little bunny's mouth at the other end of the court. This got me thinking, how would one take this to the next level? How do we make miniature-golf even cooler? I took the liberty of compiling a small check-list that you can follow if you're looking to fornicate some 16 year old that you met at "Pepe's Puttputt Party":

-Wear a leather jacket while playing miniature golf. In between shots, take it off and casually hang it over one of your shoulders. This will remind people of Johnny Depp in the movie "Cry baby". Except that everyone knows that he probably couldn't even play miniature golf.

-Every time you miss a shot, casually blame the court. Please refer from using swear words, though. There are probably children present.

-Even though we all know you have multiple clubs, don't bring them all. Just don't.

-Listen to cool music while playing, maybe something like The Virgins. This proves that you hang out with people who take music way too seriously, and also that you can multi-task.

-Don't wear a t-shirt that has your World of Warcraft character on it.

-After a successful shot, always say "well, would you look at that" in a casual way. However, people still have to know that everything you do is intentional, thus the outcome is always expected. Saying "Hole 12, 2 shots aaaas usual" also helps this.

-Go up to complete strangers, stand right behind them as they're putting, and gently whisper into their ear: "I could tell from a mile away that you have a refined, yet not optimal technique for your body type. Let me help you." You should refrain from referring to the padawan/jedi relationship in this situation.

-Leave the fannypack at home. I know, American Apparel made them cool again. But that only works if you disregard the fact that they didn't.

-Nevertheless, fashion statements are underestimated. Beige corduroy pants are the new black corduroy pants. Never stop wearing them. Which I know you don't.

Finally, this is another fact that should further inflate your interest in this sublime activity. The most prestigious MOS minigolf competitions in the world are US Masters, US Open, British Open, Irish Open, and World Crazy Golf Championships. The latter being a highly formal and prestigious event.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I simply want everyone to get along. It's an ambition we all have to take part in. We were all born equal, and should be treated accordingly. Regardless of your skin color, education, political views, religion, or inexplicably ridiculous hobbies.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

re-jigging it

Last night I was going over old edits etc and decided to completely re-jig one of the stories I shot earlier this year. I didn't feel like it had enough presence, so I changed it up a bit.

New version here

ps. I have to make a somewhat bold statement. I don't think I like fish-eye. I mean, it doesn't look cool or nice, does it? It looks like you held a tube in front of your camera/that you have transformed into an aquatic being, big deal.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Michael Mann, totally avant-garde.

As we're all fully aware of, there are certain movie-directors that cross boundaries. Lynch, Kubrick, Fellini, Godard, Clark, just to name a few. They didn't necessarily invent something new, but they were completely original. And if nobody else is doing it, doesn't that make it new? Actually, no. That just makes it original. Anyways, last night I saw a movie that makes me think Michael Mann should be included with the previously stated heroes of cinema. You see, Michael Mann is not only original, but he invented something that I can't seem to find anywhere else. And I'm a fucking amazing googler, I kid you not. Michael Mann has tapped into something so unique, it didn't hit me until yesterday. And that was the second time I watched the movie. And so, while watching Miami Vice, it hit me that Michael Mann has successfully invented some sort of cinematic mass-rape. In essence, that movie is so fucking bad, all other people who have ever been anywhere near an action movie, HAVE to feel at least somewhat violated.

Not only is Colin Farrell the biggest douche since Alexander the great, he looks fucking ridiculous. Okay, this guy is cool:

This guy makes me feel like I've just been skull-fucked by a rhinoceros:

I'd say Sonny Crockets level of being annoying is definitely up there with Luke Perry from the old episodes of Beverly Hills 90210. Sonny isn't quite at Dylans level, but it's freakishly close. Now, There's always something that confuses me about directors like Michael Mann. I mean, he makes fucking awesome action movies like Heat or Collateral, and then he just sits down and thinks:

"Okay...So Heat and Collateral were both critically acclaimed films with great actors, but I mean, I don't necessarily want to get stuck in one specific genre. Hence, I should probably make a film with that asshole Colin Farrell, where we savagely abuse one of those great 80's tv-shows. I bet I could do an absolutely terrible job, if I just try hard enough and get a really big budget. In fact, I could probably do such a poor fucking job at it, that in comparison, listening to Limp Bizkit's cover of Behind blue eyes(The Who) will suddenly feel like a warm hug from your grand-mother." By the way, that cover never ceases to fuck you in the ear. Seriously, If I could have anyone play at my birthday party, it would be The Clash, after they had just stomped on Fred Durst's testicles. Over and over and over and over again.

Anyways, I lost my train of though, as usual. I guess my point is that Miami Vice is a terrible film. Absolutely terrible.