Thursday, August 30, 2007

This is the office dog. His name is Bongo or Betsie or Bumpersticker or something like that.

I overheard a conversation on the Subway today that got me thinking about something I once read on one of those "ten-easy-checkpoints-to-what-our-Nazi-party-is-all-about". It was one of the less popular ones(if those exist, it's kind of like being a less cool version of Vanilla Ice. If you're Vanilla Ice to begin with, you're simply not cool) since their checkpoints weren't very convincing. Anyways, the checkpoint stated that the African continent hosts the least intelligent of all homo sapiens. That Africa, without a doubt, has produced the least amount of inventions that are useful to us in everyday life.

So this got me thinking, is that true? What items that we use in everyday life were actually invented in Africa? Hmm... Fire? The Wheel? I really Couldn't figure it out all day. The closest I got was cous-cous. So I googled around and I finally found it. I guess it's not a Playstation 3 but it's still fucking cool in my book.

Try eating breakfast without it. Didn't think so.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If I could bring you to my hood

First day of work accomplished. It basically concisted of chatting with my 5 female co-workers, eating cupcakes, bathroom breaks, slight research and flipping through Vogue. I stand by my statement, American Vogue is definitely my favourite. That being said, I only look at the editorial and have never read an article. Italian Vogue is tacky, french is too uptight, japanese is too artificial and the british, german and australian ones aren't popular enought to get any good photographers.

The american one that I flipped through had Steven Klein(badass), Steven Meisel(also a badass), Ines Von Laamswerde(less so but still ok in my book), Craig McDean(old fart that doesn't do shit himself but he earned that privilege), Annie Leibovitz(great imagination, cool photos in general) and Patrick Demarchelier(kind of boring but classy, kind of seems like Lindberghs slightly retarded nephew who has a set routine and sticks to it). The articles couldn't be less interesting to me, I actually prefer the commercial pages.

Walking home, I spotted one of my childhood crushes. Ambulances. Today, cars are about as lame to me as sailing(the worlds most expensive way to live uncomfortably), horses(wouldn't put them on a top 1000 list of cute animals) and Golf(I played myself for a while but I quit because I'm not fat and I don't wear goofy pants).

Also, this kid had some sweet moves. I mean, how old is he? 6?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I just watched a brilliant clip featuring an even more brilliant young lady.

There are a number of things that could be going on in her head. Here are my best bets.

1.(this one being the coolest) "Fuck their questions, I'll just answer my own without telling anyone."

2. "I bet that most of those people are black/arab, I should probably point out that out the best way I can."

3. "How do you spell Kim Basingers last name? Wait, that's it, right?"

Bedbugs and Leo

I woke up in the middle of the night because A. the train outside of my window runs 24/7 B. My bedbugs won't leave me the fuck alone. Because of this, I am now officially exhausted.

I'm starting my new job/internship tomorrow. Can't say I'm too nervous since the woman who interviewed me basically creamed in her pants when I told her I'm swedish. It's funny how people react when I tell them I'm from Sweden. 1. They ALWAYS say: "really?" 2. They always look at me with eyes that say: "Well, aren't you a lucky yet slightly out of placed bastard?". I know I am, thanks.

I watched The Basketball Diaries today with Mike, a definite favourite among the many "heroin-funky-Larry-Clark-wasted-potential" movies. It's actually not a Larry Clark flick but could easily be one. One of Leo DiCaprios stronger performances, definitely.

Oh, and also Motorola has a new ad on the side of a huge ass building on 9th av(I think). Me like.