Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Is there anything worse than websites that have bios written in the third person? Seriously, who sits down and writes their own bio in the third person?

"Robbin was born in Sri Lanka but quickly relocated to Sweden, as a part of a patch-your-marriage-up project. Nothing special happened during his adolescence. That was kind of the problem. After high-school, he moved to Paris to study photography. It was not an easy choice to make, and Robin thinks that Robin did very well in adapting to life in the big city. Robin also thinks that Robin did a great job evolving as a photographer during his years in France. Way to go, Robin. Not only did Robin prevail in finding a unique pictorial style, but he evolved into something that can only be compared to something godlike. At least Robin thinks so. He does not refrain from calling his own pictures his 'work', since Robin clearly looks at them and sees pure art. Robin never thought he could manage the kind of lifestyle he acquired in Paris, but he's still going strong. Robin is very proud of Robin. That's why he wrote his bio like this, casually yet firmly avoiding the amazing word "I".

Halfway through that text, you should be thinking: yeah, bla bla bla, mother fucker. Get over yourself. Soon, please.

I love that song.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

vacation is for people who hate their jobs.

I flipped through Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen's coffee-table book today, and it was surprisingly legit. For those of you who don't know it, it's basically a book where they interview their main role-models, like Peter Lindbergh, Terry Richardson, Diane Von Furstenberg, John Galliano, Karl Lagerfeld etc etc. It also has candid portraits and polariods from parties. I read the interview with Lindbergh, where they discussed the topic of digital photography and his thoughts on it. Not surprisingly, he's not a huge fan of digital photography, but unlike so many others, for good reasons.

I definitely share his main argument: That a digital shoot is way less personal, since all the 8 people in your crew want to see how the pictures look. And so, to not upset people, you have to pause in the middle of shooting a set, just to show your little display to the assistant make-up artist. And you're not even showing that person a finished product, so what's the point? It really interrupts the flow of a set, pausing and looking at a display that's less accurate(if possible) than a Michael Bay war depiction. Terry Richardson also made some valid arguments, I realized that today when I was developing the pictures posted below. The anticipation is almost half the thrill for me. A lot of the times, I don't even look in the viewfinder when I take a candid picture, and so I get surprised at least a couple of times per roll, in both good and bad ways. I also feel that people who shoot film often have a higher ratio of good pictures per set. They're forced to push themselves harder, since you can't look at a screen to see if the pictures are turning out alright. You just have to know when you push the button.

In essence, I think digital photography is a great thing. I'm not going to pretend like I could manage without it. That being said, it's definitely a comfort thing, and while shooting digital + constantly looking at that stupid fucking nightmare of a screen, I sometimes can't help thinking: Wow, anyone could do this.

Friday, October 24, 2008

New website album

I updated my website with a new album, simply entitled "New York Part I". It has my favorite snapshots from my first month and a half here. There will be a part II coming up as well. Meanwhile, here they are:

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I've been working so much the last couple of days, my fingers are actually hurting. That's it, I'm taking a break for a couple of days. I saw Juliette Lewis last night, first at Lit and then at Beatrice. She's pretty gnarly, but I can't help finding her kind of cool.

Does anyone know which song Maskinen released first, "Alla som inte dansar" or "Segert├ąget"?

Monday, October 20, 2008

"I'm photogenic, just give me a minutes notice"

This is dedicated to all you lovely people that take 400 pictures at a party, 387 of them including your own ugly mug. I have to ask, do you take pictures of yourself, just so that people will know that you were actually at the party? I mean, if you weren't at the party, that means you have a camera that has it's own legs and that goes to parties by itself. As cool as that would be, it doesn't seem very likely. I'm sorry, but there are few things that I hate more than people who don't socialize during parties, because they're too busy calibrating the white balance on their own camera, simply to make it match their own gnarly skin-tone. And when they're done, they go on to break up social interactions, just to practice their own picture-face and casually pursue a career that they know is never going to happen.You need to stop. All parties will benefit from it.

Sorry about getting all worked up. Anyways, Here are the pictures I promised you guys from like the past week. I hope you'll enjoy them. At least more than I'm enjoying the loft right now. It's fucking colder than an old man's balls, I kid you not. Here's a little tip for you: Before you build a house with exposed brick, don't forget the key element: To abolish winter. If you fail to do that, please don't build the house. In fact, kindly eat your own head for even considering what would be a fucking menace of a structure.